The best portable chainsaw mills that you want to see

Best Portalle Saw Mill

Once you’ve cut down a tree, you’ll want to turn that tree into timber. Doing this freehand can be incredibly difficult, and the cuts are rarely as smooth as you would like them to be.

So, the best thing to use is a chainsaw mill. A contraption designed to turn a fallen tree into timber with the smoothest results.

Here are the top six…

Chainsaw mill “Solo”

Chainsaw mill Solo

The first one on the list is by a company that you probably haven’t heard of before called ‘Freelancer’. Their sawmill known as ‘solo’ is perfect for those who are on a tight budget but still want a great cut.

It measures 11×7.1×4.7 inches and weights just 7.72 pounds.


– Made of steel, so you know that it’s a strong and sturdy product

– Works well with pretty much all professional chainsaws.

– It’s easy to install

– It’s small, compact, and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around with you.

– Resembles the Timberjig from Logosol

– Easy to control the chainsaw and the mill together


– Works better when cutting a log that has already been squared off.

– Getting consistent and level cuts can require practice.

– You might struggle on rounded logs.

New Portable Chain saw Mill log Planking lumber cutting chainsaw Guide Bar

New Portable Chain saw Mill log Planking lumber cutting chainsaw Guide Bar

The next entry onto the list is going to be the MTN Gearmsith New Portable Chainsaw Mill. It works best on logs which are between 18 and 26 inches.


– Simple rail design for improved grip on the logs

– Cutting depth can be anywhere from ½” to 12″

– It’s a strong product that will not be breaking anytime soon

– Affordable and lightweight

– It’s super easy to attach to your chainsaw

– Incredibly user friendly and easy to use

– No bar drilling necessary as it simply clamps onto the bar of your chainsaw.


– It’s recommended that use you use different chainsaw powers for different log diameters which can take up a fair amount of time

– Recommendations for what kind of chainsaw to use for what logs can be rather confusing and time consuming to understand.

– Similar priced to better sawmills

Farmertec Portable Chainsaw mill 36 Inch

Farmertec Portable Chainsaw mill 36 Inch

Our next mill on the list is a bigger contraption that’s going to work better for larger logs. It’s from Farmertec.

It weighs 16.95 pounds and measures in at 38.2×9.8×2.4 inches.


– Made of aluminium, steel and acrylic. Making it both strong but also light weight.

– Able to cut through pretty much any log thanks to the adjustable height and width

– Comes with hardware that will ensure you be given fast and easy installation.

– Comes with a user manual so you’ll know how to use it

– Shipping no longer than 10 days (USA only)


– Some users have complained about missing parts, such as washers

– User manual has been described as ‘nothing more than a poorly photocopied expanded view and parts list’

– User manual gives unclear instructions

– A few users have trouble reading the depth gage

– Chinese made.

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling

The next mill is the incredibly an incredibly sleeked design from HiHyrdo. It works with bars anywhere from 14″ to 36″.


– Quick US delivery (1-6 working days)

– Made from the same aluminium that’s used in aircraft, making it very strong and light weight.

– Can make cuts from 0.5″ all the way to 13″

– Aluminium rails have a nice finish and the steel parts have a chromed effect.

– Affordable, so ideal for everyone from the hobbyist to the mill lumber

– Easily assembled

– Comes with an easy to understand instruction booklet (and yes, the booklet has pictures)

– Great for homeowners and woodworkers alike

– Free shipping with Amazon Prime


– Within the box, the parts are often scattered about the place.

– Washers, nuts and bolts, which should be there are not always

– The box it comes in is sometimes not very well constructed.

SHZOND 14″-36″ Chainsaw Mill Aluminum Steel Mig Welding Sawmill

SHZOND 14-36 Chainsaw Mill Aluminum Steel Mig Welding Sawmill

The preliminary mill on this list is from Shzond. It’s great for chainsaws with a bar length of between 14″ and 36″. It’s dimensions are 36×12.5×18 inches.


– Can give you slabs of a thickness of anywhere between ½ inch and 12 inches.

– Attaches directly to your chainsaw, so there’s no need for bar drilling

– Height and width are both adjustable.

– Made from the same aluminium and steel that’s used in aircraft, so it’s durable and can withstand heavy use and wear.

– Great for professional and casual users alike.


– Some of the parts (such as bolts and washers) which are supposed to be included are not always

– Shipping can sometimes take a few weeks

– Shzond does not have a particularly great return policy

– A new company, so it had yet to develop a good reputation.

– Only ships to America

Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

And the final saw mill on this list is from Granberg. It weighs 8.6 pounds and measures 31×14×4 inches.


– Mounts to the chain bar with just a few turns of a wrench

– Can give you cuts ranging from ½ inch to 12 inches.

– Cut give great results even on tougher woods such as cedar, walnut, and oak

– Designed and made in the USA.

– Made of quality steel and aluminium which makes it lightweight but also strong and durable, even after hundreds of uses.

– Easy to assemble

– Easily gives you a smooth cut

– Easy to adjust

– Works well, even after several years


– Can be a bit slower than some users would like it to me.

– Not great for if you have a lot of woodwork that needs to be done, according to one Amazon reviewer.

If you want to turn a tree into planks using a chainsaw, then you’ll probably be needing a sawmill to help you out. On this list, I have picked what I personally believe to be the best 6. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t other great ones out there.

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