The Best Chainsaw for Ripping Logs: Top 4

Best Chainsaw for Ripping Logs

Are you looking to make your lumber? Well, not to worry, a chainsaw can do the job quite effectively. For instance, if you have an ongoing construction far away from the fixed lumber mill, it can be tiresome moving from one place to the other. In such a scenario, you can start your chainsaw and let the work begin.

Apart from portability, price is also another factor that could lead you to buy such chainsaws rather than a traditional lumber miller. Chainsaws can also be used for other lumber-related tasks, making them more versatile. However, most of them are not powerful enough for some of the toughest woods. In this article, WootenConst will look at the best chainsaws for ripping logs.

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Best Chainsaw for Ripping Logs

What to Consider While Choosing

What should you consider when buying a chainsaw for this particular task? Only the toughest and most durable chainsaws can survive the process of ripping wood. This task involves cutting through nodes which could damage your chainsaw if you are not careful.


Perhaps this is the most crucial factor to keep in mind during selection. As opposed to cross-cutting, which is basically what happens when felling trees, ripping a log requires you to cut lengths of wood. As such, it will need more power for a better output.

A milling rig has power parameters with which it works best. So, if you have one, you should pair it with a chainsaw that can generate enough power. Otherwise, you can pick one that has at least 50cc – this a common choice among lumberjacks.


Yes, power is one of the main determinants, but you must first confirm if the saw is designed to handle such tasks. Also, if you have a mill attachment, make sure the designs are compatible with each other. You don’t have a mill yet? You can buy one for less than $200.

Bar Length

This could limit the length of lumber you can rip at a go. Therefore, make sure the parameters you pick are ideal for your desired task.

Power Source

There are two common power sources used in the chainsaw world; gas and electricity. In case you need more information on this, you can check out our other articles covering the same.

Generally, gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful than their electric counterparts. That, however, is not to say that all-electric chainsaws are underpowered. Some have proven to be up to the task, especially the corded ones. For this task, though, gas-powered chainsaws seem to fit in perfectly.

The Best Chainsaws for Ripping Logs

Here are our top picks:

Echo CS-590-20

Echo CS-590-20 Chainsaw

What a way to start this list with one of the best chainsaws recommended by most lumberjacks for Alaskan mills. Echo CS-590-20 is one product that has made an impression in the world chainsaws, yet it comes from one of the small players in the industry. That said, the chainsaw is powerful, easy to use, and most importantly, affordable for any casual or professional user.

With the motor’s power standing at 81cc, it has one of the highest cutting powers – higher than Husqvarna models that we will talk about later in the article. The variable bar guide length is another thing that sets this chainsaw apart from the rest.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

One of the best Husqvarna products is this Husqvarna 460 Rancher from the Rancher line. It is fitted with a small motor, which might be a disadvantage, but it completes the tasks quite perfectly. Also, it weighs around 12 pounds, which is an ideal size really given the fact that you need to lift it and at the same time you need enough pressure to drive it through the wood.

It might please you to know that Husqvarna 460 Rancher has an easy-start feature. This is crucial, especially as a commercial user since you will always be looking to save time. Although it might not be a big issue, it is worth noting that the chain break of this Husqvarna can sometimes malfunction.

Husqvarna 576Xp Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 576Xp Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna never disappoints when it comes to gardenline machines, and Husqvarna 576Xp is another proof of that. One of the key features is the variable length of the guide bar; therefore, you can adjust to the ideal size depending on the log. It might not seem like a big deal, but this is a great addition in terms of efficiency and safety.

Remember where we said 50cc is the most commonly picked motor power? Well, Husqvarna 576Xp is even better as it comes with a 74cc motor. Actually, this is almost the same power as that of a small dirt bike.

It, however, has one disadvantage that we hope Husqvarna will look to resolve. The crank bearings of the X-torq motor are not strong enough. It is not a normal occurrence in most Husqvarna brands, and it makes the motor more prone to breakdowns. Before the issue is permanently resolved, some customer reviews show that proper maintenance will definitely increase the lifespan.

Poulan Pro PR5020

Poulan Pro PR5020

Looking for a chainsaw that will be in operation regularly? Poulan Pro PR5020 is your best pick. In addition to its durability, it comes with a powerful motor and a long bar that will be able to cut through just about any size of wood. Among all the chainsaws in this list, Poulan Pro PR5020 is the most affordable.

Final Remarks

It is no surprise that all the chainsaws listed above are gas-powered. As earlier stated, gasoline-powered saws are the most powerful in the world of logging. You can push them to the limits, and they will still deliver quality work without wearing out quickly. Husqvarna brands are the real deal in this industry, but the others (Poulan Pro PR5020 and Echo CS-590-20) are also great picks.

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