Pioneer Chainsaw Parts

Pioneer Chainsaw Parts

Since it’s invention, chainsaws have undergone several upgrades and renovations. Several brands of chainsaws exists, and each has its own unique features and parts. Of course, your purchase of chainsaw highly depends on how it meets your need. For a lot of people, it’s just about the ability of a brand to chop woods for them. To others, however, it involved more than that. Whatever the reason for your choice of brand, you don’t want to neglect the role that a good knowledge of the different parts of the machine will set you on the right part of purchasing and usage.

Let’s review some of the most popular chainsaw parts.

  • The chain

This is the most popular part of the chainsaw. After all, the while machine was named after it. The chain is the part that does the actual cutting. However, without being properly sharp, you will realize that it gets very difficult to cut. This is why you need a chain that is always sharpened to work efficiently. Without the chain, the chainsaw would be an ordinary bar that does not amount to anything at all.

  • Chain Bar

This is the part of a chainsaw that accommodates the chain for cutting. It is constructed solid enough to handle tough timbers and hard woods. You will find it stretched our in the front of the chainsaw. This part is also very important in the operation of the machine.

  • Engine

The engine is another core part of a chainsaw. Like most other mechanical equipment, the engine of the chainsaw is in charge of pulling it to work. In this case, the engine is relatively loud, but it is powerful enough to pull the chain to work. The engine is mostly controlled by petrol, although their are a few cases where electric power is used.

  • Fuel Tank

Another core part of the chainsaw machine. This part is usually found attached to the engine or the chainsaw. It stores the fuel used for operating the chainsaw. Depending on the overall size of your chainsaw, this part comes in different sizes to accommodate different fuel capacity.

  • Spark Plug

Like lost other mechanical equipment, the chainsaw comes with its own spark plug that allows flow of electric current round the chainsaw engine. This part has to be constantly good for the chainsaw to work properly. Thankfully, you can change it when it develops any issue.

  • Handles

The chainsaw is a relatively weighty machine, so you need a solid handle to be able to handle cutting with the machine. Most chainsaw machines come with their own durable and easy to use handle for controlling the direction and efficacy of the chainsaw.

  • Belt

Depending on brand and model, some chainsaw machines are attached with belts that help easy and convenient carriage. The use of this belt is to help suspend the machine; hence, reducing the load from your arm. Fortunately the belt are designed solid, so there is no tendency of cutting during operation.

These are some of the most important parts of the chainsaw. Of course, there are several other parts, but these are the most visible. We’ve explained the uses of each in order to familiarize you with them before you set out to actually buy a chainsaw machine. Remember that most of these parts and their uses will be stated on the manual. So, you will need to read the instruction manual properly before you begin to operate the chainsaw machine as a whole. Each part of the chainsaw machine is very useful for its smooth operation. Do well to find out what each part means, before you begin using the machine.

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