Electric Chainsaw Mill: What is all about?

Electric Chainsaw Mill

Are you looking to build a sawmill using your electric chainsaw?  A homemade electric sawmill can be quite helpful, especially when you are looking come up with timber for casual use. From my experience in this industry, I would say one of the hardest things is milling. It is one job that requires you to cut through the toughest woods and still come out with a product that can be useful. As such, before you even think of building your own sawmill, you will need to think of the chainsaw first.

This job will push your machine to the limits, so any low-end electric chainsaw is not suitable for this kind of work. Unfortunately, if you are working on a budget, you might need to stretch it more for you to secure one of the most powerful chainsaws in the market. In this article, WootenConst will look at some of the best chainsaws you can buy for your project.

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Electric Chainsaw Mill

Define Milling

This is the process of cutting logs into the desired lengths, then creating measured boards from them. In commercial lumber mills, you will find huge machines designed specifically for that job. But hey! You do not need such machinery to make your own lumber. First, they are too expensive for casual users and secondly, you probably wouldn’t know how to operate them. So, let us work with what we have – an electric chainsaw.

Reasons for homemade milling

The reason why you would need a homemade electric chainsaw mill is to cut on the costs. For instance, if you are planning to erect a structure and you have your own wood, then a commercial lumberjack will be an additional cost. You might not realise this at first, but after your project is done, you will see how first the expenses add up. However, with your own lumber mill, all you will need to worry about is time and fuel.

What you need

As stated earlier, the first thing you will require is a good chainsaw. Note that when we say a powerful chainsaw, we don’t mean the biggest in the market. There are several powerful electric chainsaws, but of course, they will come at a higher price than the average ones. A chainsaw with 50cc displacement will do the job.

Another thing you will need to invest in is a good milling attachment that fits your needs. The work this attachment is to guide the chainsaw as you make your measured cuts. The good thing about this is that you can actually make one for yourself, just be sure to follow the right procedure.

Factors to consider when choosing a chainsaw for milling

choosing a chainsaw for milling

Different models of chainsaws are designed with certain users in mind. Therefore, not any chainsaw out there will be ideal for milling. Several factors need to be considered when selecting the best machine for this operation.

  1. The power output

When picking a chainsaw for any project, the power output should always be the main factor. This is what will determine whether you will successfully mill all the timber or your chainsaw will break down along the way. An ideal choice would be one with a motor rating of at least 50cc. Remember that not many electric chainsaws qualify for this particular task. Therefore, at the end of your analysis, you will remain with a few options which should make your work easier.

  • The size of wood to be worked on

As stated, the 50cc rating should be the least, but that will also depend on the size of wood waiting to be milled. The tougher the lumber, the more powerful your chainsaw should be. Also, the length of the bar should be considered since this determines how much length you will comfortably cut.

  • Your experience in the lumber industry

How long have you been using a chainsaw and which size are you comfortable using at the moment? These are the two questions that you should keep in mind during the selection process. If you are experienced enough, you can pick any size that works for you. However, if you are still a beginner, choosing the smallest in the list below is recommended.

The Top Picks

These are the best electric chainsaws that will perfectly fit your project, whether as a beginner or a professional.

  1. Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw
Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw

It might look small once you unpack it but run it, and you will experience its true power. With a 14-inch bar, it can cut through some of the toughest woods around. Also, it is quite easy to use; so, as a beginner, this might just be your best pick.

  • Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw
Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw

With a 14-amp motor, this is one of the most powerful electric chainsaws available. The Sun Joe model is still new in the industry, and so far it has proven to be the real deal when it comes to splitting hardwood. It has a kickback safety technique which is a safety precaution.

  • GreenWorks 20222 Electric Chainsaw
GreenWorks 20222 Electric Chainsaw

Looking for a quieter chainsaw? GreenWorks 20222 barely makes a sound, but its actions can be seen. It might not be suited for the hardest wood, but it is perfect for moderate millers. It is also easy to operate, which makes it ideal for beginners.


You do not need to hire a professional lumberjack to complete your work. If you have an electric chainsaw with you, you can easily make your own milling machine that works just as good. You will, however, need to invest in a strong chainsaw to enhance your task.

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